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The specifics of choosing the right professionals for temporary work2 мин для чтения

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16 августа 2022
The specifics of choosing the right professionals for temporary work
A temp recruitment agency helps companies hire IT professionals for short-term projects. Plus, it helps IT specialists to land remote or freelance jobs that won’t take 100% of their time. The approach to finding the right IT people in this case is different from looking for candidates for conventional office positions.


Who is the target audience of a temp recruitment agency?

Below, we’ll analyze which types of employers and job seekers might be interested in short-term jobs.



Large companies have HR departments and hire most of their staff members in full-time positions. Smaller businesses can’t afford to do so. Some of them lack the budget to hire full-time. Others begin to expand and don’t have enough work for in-house specialists — but they need someone to help them with current projects.

However, large organizations sometimes need temporary team members too. This might happen when they open new departments or experiment with unusual types of activity.



IT professionals might be interested in short-term jobs because they’re busy with their studies or families. Alternatively, they might be working for some company full-time but suddenly, realize that they can cope with more tasks. Or, people might urgently need money and they might be ready to increase their workload.

Temporary jobs offer an excellent opportunity for professionals who’re thinking of trying something new. For instance, you’ve completed a course and acquired new skills. Now, you’d like to put these skills to practice use but you’re not sure whether you want to turn it into your main occupation.

Besides, this type of hiring is a great chance for professionals who might be eager to relocate. If you’ve never worked with a foreign company, try joining a short-term project first.

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The specifics of choosing the right professionals for temporary work

When picking candidates for a full-time position, companies assess their skills. It would be unreasonable to do so for a short-term project. The process of evaluating skills consumes too much time and effort.

Instead, it makes sense to focus on the employee’s portfolio. Did they complete any similar projects? If yes, how many? The more experienced the interviewer, the quicker they can detect the optimal professionals for this type of work.


Reasons for using our services

Our agency can come in handy to you because:

  1. We treat full-time jobs and short-term projects differently and we know how to hand-pick the best specialists for both.
  2. We verify all job offers.
  3. We have impressive expertise in the IT sphere.

Feel free to try our services!

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