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Один факт — случайность. Два — преднамеренность. Три — тенденция (В. Солоухин).

Somatotropin or HGH2 мин для чтения


The abuse of growth hormone in sport has been reported and speculated over and over again in the past three decades. With the use of growth hormone, athletes hope for performance gains, whereby the anabolic effects of the hormone are used.

Growth hormone is a peptide hormone that is made up of a total of 191 amino acids. It is formed in large quantities in the pituitary gland and then released into the blood. HGH reaches the various cells of the body via the bloodstream, where it can develop its effects. The fact that it is produced in large quantities in the pituitary has led to HGH being isolated from the pituitary glands of the dead earlier for therapeutic use.

In recent years, the danger has been pointed out that corresponding HGH products from the former Soviet Union are circulating on the black market. Here, a possible risk of infection from contamination of the products is pointed out.

Nowadays, technical production is guaranteed by genetic engineering, using bacterial cells such as Escherichia Coli. Genetic engineering ensures the health safety of the products (no bacterial contamination) but also the economic provision of the hormone in large quantities.

HGH acts directly, or via so-called somatomedins (IGF-1 and IGF-2; IGF = insulin-like growth factor), which are formed Dianabol en venta in the liver. In fat tissue, it stimulates the breakdown of fats (lipolysis), while in carbohydrate metabolism it leads to an increased release of glucose from glycogen (hyperglycemia). The degrading effect on the adipose tissue makes this connection particularly interesting for sports such as bodybuilding. On the other hand, all anabolic effects such as stimulation of protein synthesis to improve muscle growth and stimulation of skeletal growth are largely indirectly via IGF-1.

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For the therapeutic use of HGH, there are currently only two essential clinical pictures: dwarfism in children and HGH deficiency in adults.

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